e-tron launch China

Production, Show Direction

The Chinese launch for the Audi e-tron took place on 18 November 2019 in Shenzhen, China. We had the pleasure of directing an immersive show for the launch together with our partner Tendirections.

A total of 20 columns with nearly 675 m2 of LED screens were installed throughout the space. Visitors were able to wander around between the columns to experience an audiovisual performance and the car up close. We were responsible for direction, coordinating the music, working on the choreography and costumes with the dancers and production of the visuals. The idea was to combine digital and analog elements into a single immersive experience.

Lead Agency: Tendirections
Visuals + clip: radugadesign & SBF
Dancers: Vibe Artistic
Sound: The one and only BJ