Urban Sports Club


Furniture Design, Interior Design

Urban Sports Club is a digital membership program that offers access to sports activities and live classes. It is headquartered in Berlin and has partner studios across Europe. We designed the company’s new headquarters in Berlin, which has a total area of more than 4,500 m2. Pull-up bars in the stairwell, gym flooring in the lounges, curtains made of mesh fabric: the athletic motif connects all six floors of the new building and allows visitors to experience the core of the Urban Sports Club brand.

The office is a modern workplace for agile teams with a variety of different spaces and workstations. In addition to around 300 desks, the space also houses alternative seating for an additional 350 people. Gym flooring is installed in the lounge areas in place of traditional carpeting. A variety of workstations – from classic desk and chair combinations all the way to lounges, phone booths, conference cubes or meeting rooms with standing tables for back health – are spread out across the entire building.

In addition to the interior, we also designed a custom office furniture collection for Urban Sports Club.

Photography: Stefan Haehnel